Saturday, 19 March 2016

Clash Royal Chetas and Hack

So how about there be established a CLASH ROYALE HACK for borderline poor, white females like me without restrictions like "student must be from and intend to practice in Podunk County, Wyoming" and crap like that? I can appreciate the effort to afford minorities the opportunity of higher education. But for crying out loud, I haven't found more than one of the scholarships listed on CLASH ROYALE HACK website that applies to me. I'm hoping to come up with something that will at least account for the fact that I missed the dental insurance deadline here and appear to need some serious dentist time. Nevermind that I've been honestly close to just dropping out about twelve times in the past week and a half because of all this debt. I need to win the lottery, stat. Or send M2 on the gameshow circuit. :)
More details at

To clean your laptop LCD, mix equal parts rubbing alcohol (NOT ethyl alcohol) and water. Turn a sock inside out, dab in solution, and gently run across clash royal cheats screen. Works like a charm!

-To get a putrid fish smell out of a Foreman grill, butter some bread on both sides, heat up the grill, and cook until smell is gone. Also works like a charm, especially when putrid fish smell brings back memories of last night's food poisoning. 

No hints on classes, 'cause I have yet to start reading for tomorrow. Enjoy free clash royal gems .